DVM group
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DVM group has been providing a full range of combined design and construction services that add value to our clients since its foundation in 1995. Our range of services has continuously expanded to meet the needs of our clients. As a next element of this, in addition to design, we launched in 2001 our general contracting, construction management and finally Design & Build divisions, and in 2009 our sustainability consultancy division started its activities. The Design & Build service is a project delivery approach that allows the contractor to manage a project in its entirety, including planning, design, construction and supervision. Design & Build services are usually offered by construction companies that have the design and construction expertise themselves, as is the case in the DVM group’s field of activity. This approach means that the Client only needs to work with a single company that manages the whole project, thus avoiding communication and responsibility problems between different professionals and contractors and reducing the workload for the Client. Design & Build services are generally used when meeting deadlines and costs is of particular importance to the Client and when the Client wishes to minimise the resources allocated to the project within its own organisation. The service involves DVM group’s specialists designing the entire project, planning the building, obtaining permits and then carrying out the construction and supervision on behalf of the Client. The client only needs to communicate the main parameters he envisages to our company, and we will then take care of all the necessary tasks until the project is fully implemented. Our Design & Build services allow clients to manage their construction projects more simply and efficiently, as they only have to work with one company and receive guarantees on both costs and deadlines. 

DVM group has recently become a leading player in the market for full construction Design & Build services.