DVM group
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DVM’s project managers are highly skilled, experienced professionals, backed by a large, complex organisation that the client may not even realise at the initial stage of the works: we have our own team of architects and designers, mechanical and electrical pre-engineers and a multidisciplinary expert base. Our knowledge base thus provides a wide range of expertise with a technical background that enables us to provide our clients with solutions for any type of project. Whether it’s for a listed building, a high-security building, a luxury hotel or an office space, our PM department can provide you with a complete support service.  We coordinate our work to high quality standards, using innovative technological solutions to deliver cost-effective projects that deliver real value to our clients. This unique, multi-disciplinary, creative approachthrough our unique solutionsbenefits all stakeholders by allowing our clients to optimise their investment, making it easier to implement, saving time and money, and resulting in a better quality working, educational or living environment for the completed project.