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DVM group has paid particular attention to using the most modern technological equipment available, both in terms of the software and hardware that support architects’ work and the use of materials that are incorporated. As a further step in this modernisation effort, DVM Visual has become a separate division, capable of providing 3D architectural visualization and almost all the services available in the field, to the highest quality. Using state-of-the-art computer imaging, the team’s architects bring the plans for a project to life as a film to simplify the decision-making process for clients. This technology is also used by the makers of cinema films, but can also be seen in commercials and other AR and VR visualization projects. 

This innovation in our everyday lives also makes the work of engineers much easier and makes the hard-to-explain parts of a design visible. These visual plans, renderings, films, 360° visualizations shorten the design and construction processes of projects, and architectural visualization offers much more than an accurate, projected image of a building or interior still on the drawing board. From an HR viewpoint, it can also help companies to make a smoother transition to a new physical environment and play an important part in sensitive corporate change management processes. It also speeds up decision-making by creating a common language and a common platform between the client, the designer and the contractor. In the short time that has elapsed so far, the DVM Visual team has achieved outstanding results, as evidenced by the international professional awards: the European Property Awards and the International Property Awards Best International Architectural CGI Company 2021, which awarded the DVM Visual team the World’s Best Architectural CGI Company. 

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