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DVM group winning in four categories at EPA

DVM group winning in four categories at EPA

DVM group has won four awards with four entries at one of the world’s most prestigious property industry competitions, the European Property Awards. With its results in the categories of architecture, interior design and visualisation, it is now entitled to continue the competition at the international level.

Entries can be submitted to the competition, split into regions, from almost all over the world including Africa, Asia, the Arab region, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Participants first submit their entries at national level, which are evaluated by EPA’s panel of a hundred judges from a variety of backgrounds and expertise. The group representing the whole range of property industry and architecture and consisting of authoritative experts recognises the highest level achievements, implementation and quality of the projects, and therefore, the accolade also becomes a world-famous trademark.

This year, DVM group entered the competition in four categories:

  • Mixed Use Architecture – Szeritva Square Building
  • Office Interior – bp office, Budapest
  • Architectural CGI Company
  • Interior CGI Company

This the first time in Hungary that a company has won awards in as many as four categories at EPA. This success is enhanced by the fact that based on the total European scores, DVM group secured, in the category of architectural visual design and due to the architectural values of Szervita Square Building, the title “Five stars – Best in Hungary”, and therefore is eligible to participate in further stages of the world competition, where the best of the regions will compete.

The highest award category was also secured by the Budapest office of bp, and its interior design visualisation entry received an Honourable Mention.

“This is something we didn’t expect at all”, said DVM Managing Partner Tibor Massányi, adding “our surprise is only surpassed by our delight, as the first professional accolade of our architectural visualisation team entering the market this year as a separate division is also one of the most significant that we could receive. We scooped up two awards right on the very first occasion, and became automatically eligible for the International Property Awards. Szervita Square Building, the latest mixed use premium building in downtown Budapest is one of our favourite projects, to which we were truly committed. Maybe the international jury saw this when it was selected as one of the best in Europe. We managed to win in this competition in 2015 and 2016 with Eiffel Palace and Váci 1 office buildings, but this is the greatest success in our company’s history.”