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Attila Vámosi

Communications & Marketing Director

“Architecture and the construction industry is an art, an area where something new, something special is created through the joint work of many people. A work of art. Art, like creative writing and classic journalism. Both are constantly evolving, as are buildings. My professional work – or let’s call it a creed – is mostly about making these areas more appreciated, as they have a huge impact on our everyday lives.”

He graduated in commerce and marketing economics from the Budapest Business School, where he learned the basics of communications and marketing not only from his teachers, but also from his practical experience in the world of advertising agencies. As a career starter, she joined Hungary’s largest general contracting group, where she spent six years as a press officer. His experience as an active communications specialist for prominent Hungarian community and competitive investments will be extended from January 2021 at DVM group as the director responsible for the company’s external and internal communications and marketing appearances.

He is a member of the board of the Media Section of t The National Federation of Hungarian Building Contractors (ÉVOSZ).