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Gyula Malata

Head of Design & Build

Gyula Malata obtained his diploma in architecture in 1995 at BME. Until 2004, as designer and then studio manager, he led a variety of Hungarian and multinational projects with residential, retail and industrial logistics functions. From 2004 to 2012, he continued his professional career as a lead architect and managing director in his own architectural firm. During this period, he expanded his scope of works with international real estate development consulting, taking part at Chinese and various European projects. From 2012 until recently, he was lead architectural project manager in Daimler AG’s (Mercedes Benz) plant construction in Kecskemét and its large-scale real estate developments since then.

Gyula is responsible for project-level management and coordination of D&B-type works, as well as for liaising with clients. His mandate also extends to increasing the effectiveness of collaboration between the Design, Construction, Commercial and Sustainability departments ensuring that information is delivered to all colleagues involved in D&B projects in sufficient depth and detail.