DVM group
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Péter Haberl

Managing partner

Péter Haberl received his degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Budapest in 1988, and already gained professional experience at various local companies during his academic years. After graduation he worked as designer and project architect at VERTESZ, a power-station planner and construction company, where he completed numerous Hungarian projects. He joined FESTO KG as project manager in 1990, and led the German company’s automation projects both in Vienna and Budapest. As managing director at C. Electricbau Inc. between 1992 and 2004, he was in charge of the installation of building monitoring systems throughout the country.

Since 2004 he has been the project manager of DVM Construction Ltd., and since 2007 he has been the managing partner of DVM group, supervising and operationally managing the construction and general contracting business units.