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DVM group and Greenfield Development join forces in one company

DVM group and Greenfield Development join forces in one company

DVM Group and Greenfield Development have launched a joint venture under the name DVM-Greenfield. The aim of the alliance is to combine the decades of construction experience of DVM group and the extensive industrial general contracting experience of Greenfield Development. The new company will work closely with Limelog, a manufacturing and logistics company, to provide its clients with unique integrated services in the domestic market. Since its launch, DVM-Greenfield has already increased its portfolio with a total of more than 70,000 sqm of general contracting and project management assignments.

DVM-Greenfield offers a full range of services in the industrial real estate sector, from turnkey general construction of sustainable warehouses and production halls, to project management and comprehensive professional consultancy. With Limelog’s manufacturing and logistics capabilities, in-house prefabricated concrete elements, and its own fleet of delivery vehicles, they are able to deliver tailor-made facilities faster than the industry standard.

The partnership does not represent a merger; DVM group, Greenfield Development, and Limelog will continue to operate independently. Through DVM-Greenfield, however, they are able to meet the integrated requirements of a much wider and expanding customer base.

“Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the stability of supply chains had to be reinforced, and in parallel, the growth of online commerce has led to a significant boost in the domestic and regional industrial real estate market in recent years. To ensure production security, European companies are increasingly bringing their own and their suppliers’ manufacturing facilities closer to their local markets, further increasing demand for quality warehouses and production halls. This interest is only intensified by the emergence of Asian manufacturing and assembly plants in the country, which also represents a huge opportunity for expansion,” emphasised Dávid Huszlicska, Director of DVM-Greenfield.

Recognising these trends, Greenfield Development was launched in 2022 to provide high quality general contracting and consultancy services to the industrial real estate sector. The founders of the company are Gábor Móró, owner of Limelog, which has its own fleet of transport vehicles and a prefabricated concrete element factory, and Dávid Huszlicska and Dániel Szélesi, professionals with decades of experience in building 400,000 sqm of warehouses and production halls, who, after leaving their management positions at CTP, co-founded Greenfield Development.

Since its foundation, Greenfield Development has developed a close professional relationship with DVM group, that provides the most comprehensive range of integrated building services in Hungary. The company, which has had a solid operation and financial background for almost 30 years, is a leader in the Hungarian architecture, design and construction market. On behalf of DVM group, Tibor Massányi, Managing Director, joined DVM-Greenfield’s management team.

Launched jointly by DVM group and Greenfield Development, DVM-Greenfield’s competitive advantage is a team of nearly 200 experts, millions of square metres of construction experience and Limelog’s manufacturing capabilities, complemented by in-house structure manufacturing, delivery and installation, to provide an integrated solution for their partners.

“Synergies enable us to deliver industrial real estate projects quickly, efficiently, tailor-made and to the highest professional standards. In addition to general construction, we are able to guide our clients through the entire process, from the selection of the ideal site, through conceptual design and construction, to commissioning. With our comprehensive market knowledge, we are available to our clients in all areas of the investment process, whether it is the development of a feasibility study or leasing issues,” said Tibor Massányi, Managing Director of DVM-Greenfield.

DVM-Greenfield has a portfolio of over 70,000 sqm of general construction and project management since its inception. Their major clients include Biggeorge Property with the realisation of the 8,200 sqm West Gate H building and Panattoni Hungary with the 15,000 sqm ZF chassis manufacturing plant and warehouse in Debrecen. The 22,800 sqm manufacturing unit of Jiecang Linear Motion in Kaposvár and the 26,000 sqm manufacturing unit of Evoring Precision Manufacturing in Jászfényszaru will be supported by full project management, including the preparation of the concept design, the management of the construction permit, the general contractor tender, the technical control and the financial monitoring.