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The interior design of buildings (fit-out) plays an important role in the comfort of the users and the functionality and attractiveness of the space. With the help of DVM group’s highly skilled professionals, we take into account the available space and make the best use of this space to create a unique interior design in the building that meets the client’s needs. We customise the components from which our clients can choose the colour scheme, surface materials, furniture, lighting and other interior (design) elements. This allows the client to create the right (brand) image for his company, based on his own taste and style, thus enhancing his brand value. Through thoughtful and planned design, we can offer our partners more functionality and comfort. We know how important the layout – and even the floor plan – of office and other interior spaces can be in helping employees work efficiently and visitors navigate easily. The furniture and other interior elements chosen by our clients make staff more comfortable and create a more attractive environment for visitors. We will also involve our sustainability consultancy department to ensure that employee wellbeing is achieved simultaneously, while taking into account the construction – operational costs and environmental aspects of the project.

Through appropriate subcontractor and supplier coordination and cost and time management, we provide our clients with efficient and cost-effective services. We enable our clients to optimise their resources by focusing on their own activities, while using our general contracting division to reduce the energy consumption and cost of the project. We use high-quality, environmentally sound materials and our project workflows comply with current environmental and waste management regulations.

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Mammut I. Shopping and Entertainment Center

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