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Gyula Malata gave an interview to OCTOGON: Major Udvar office building is completed

Gyula Malata gave an interview to OCTOGON: Major Udvar office building is completed

A renovated office building on the edge of the green belt in Buda: with the services of DVM group Design & Build, an ordinary office building from the early 1970s has been transformed into a first-class contemporary building.

Over the past 30 years, DVM group has become a prominent partner to its clients, primarily in the field of Design & Build, a full-service construction company. In the case of the Major Courtyard on Városmajor Street, it was asked to act as contractor, but was involved in the design phase of the project alongside its client, BIF Plc. According to Gyula Malata, Director of DVM Design & Build, the joint work was a win-win situation for the client, the designer and the contractor. Keeping the usable parts of the building in a dilapidated and unstable technical condition was a major challenge for all parties involved, as the client had explicitly requested that what could be retained should be kept throughout the project. The aim was to create a modern, sustainable office building with as little demolition and environmental impact as possible, which was awarded a BREEAM Very Good rating on completion. Its former neglected inner courtyard has also been “greened” and transformed into a public enclosed garden for tenants. The completed Grade A office building will fully serve the needs of its new tenants on more than 10,600 sqm.

An interview with Gyula Malata can be read here: https://www.octogon.hu/epiteszet/nagy-total/

Major Udvar Office building presentation: https://www.octogon.hu/epiteszet/ujrahangolas/

The interview and the article were published in OCTOGON magazine, issue 180 (2022/8).