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Balázs Czár

Managing partner

Balázs Czár earned his civil engineering degree from the Technical University of Budapest in 1996, and already gained professional experience at various major Hungarian companies during his academic years. He started his career as a technical surveyor of gas station installations, and later managed large-scale construction projects of KÉSZ Ltd. In 2000 he served as technical and planning coordinator of power plants completed in the United States of America, and liaised between KÉSZ Ltd. and the Dutch NEM group. During the same year he joined DVM construction Ltd., where he is managing partner, and the technical director and head of construction projects.

Balázs Czár is also co-owner and managing partner of Horizon Development, the premium real estate development company founded by Attila Kovács in 2006, whose one and a half decade of activity is marked by commercial and residential properties such as Eiffel Square, Eiffel Palace, Váci 1, Promenade Gardens, Szervita Square Building and ParkSide Offices.