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Tímea Fekete-Tóth

Interior Design Director
Fekete-Tóth Tímea_ belsőépítészeti tervezési igazgató_Arc

Tímea Fekete-Tóth, Interior Design Director, carries out the projects with extreme discipline and precision, combined with maximum creativity.

She graduated as an architect from the Moholy-Nagy University of  Art and Design Budapest (MOME), where she received a diploma award in interior design, which also launched her career. Starting her career in industrial building design, during this ten-year period she experienced the intense workflow of large projects, while always striving to create human-centred spaces, even in an industrial environment. She holds a Master’s Degree in Colour Dynamics Engineering from Budapest University of Technology.  Joining the DVM group in 2017, she has been actively involved in ground floor and interior design projects, with special projects such as the 20,000 sqm bp Budapest office, the WineHUB shop and restaurant, the renewed guest areas of the Dr. Rose Private Hospital and the Steam Budapest restaurant on Szervita Square.

Her design philosophy is one of innovation, with a feverish interest in what she can do to create something new and innovative. Her approach is based on research, functional analysis and client needs. All this fits in very well with the company’s in-house developed workspace design consultancy service, DVM Discovery, which is also under her management.