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Portfolio – Construction 2023 conference

Portfolio – Construction 2023 conference

How will the new law on construction and investment affect the construction sector? This was the question addressed by those present at the Portfolio Conferences 2023, held on 30 March 2023, entitled Construction 2023.

The panel discussion was moderated byErnő Wagner, President of theHungarian Chamber of Engineers, Regő Lánszki MRICS, State Secretary for Architecture at the Ministry of Construction and Transport, Gergely Laczkovich, Founding Managing Director of 3E International Kft., Tibor Keszthelyi, Chairman and CEO of FŐMTERV Civil Engineering Design Pte. Ltd. and Tibor Massanyi, Managing Partner of DVM group (Hungary). 

Since its creation last year, the Ministry of Construction and Transport has been responsible for effective cooperation in a number of important areas. Among these are the laws regulating the market, public investment and the construction industry, cultural heritage protection, and the supervision of artefacts.

Tibor Massányi said – “The issue of sustainability is dealt with in many different ways by the real estate market players, and today, the profit often wins.” If this were to become an expected requirement on the bank and public financing side, it would also be easier for construction companies to implement. Simpler, more transparent regulation is needed to encourage industry collaboration, as well as a stronger role for digitalisation and engineering. He cited the BIM design methodology as an example, where innovation and digitalisation can reinforce each other to create real quality output, but this requires engineering skills, education and social inclusiveness. At the moment, he said, the development of these areas is still a work in progress.

During the discussion, the industry stakeholders who spoke highlighted the need for further dialogue, both with the Ministry’s experts and with experts and education (engineering education) in the field of digitalisation and energy efficiency in the construction sector.


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