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Builders’ Day and World Environment Day 2022

Builders’ Day and World Environment Day 2022

Thank you to our staff for the wonderful buildings!

Builders’ Day is the first Sunday in June. It has been held since 6 June 1897 in honour of the first Hungarian Congress of Construction Workers, initiated by Dezső Bokányi, writer, journalist, translator, spokesman and politician. Bokányi was a politician, originally a stonemason, who worked as a labour and welfare commissioner in the Hungarian Soviet Republic. In addition to his political career, he also carved the stone chairs of the Mátyás Church.

The Hungarian construction industry currently employs around 370,000 people, accounting for 5.7% of the GPD. According to a report by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, the volume of construction output in March was 10.5% higher than a year earlier, according to raw data.

The first United Nations World Conference on the Environment, “Man and the Biosphere”, was held in Stockholm in 1972. The starting date of the conference was designated as the official World Environment Day. It calls for joint action around key objectives: in particular, to save energy, use renewable energies, reduce waste, prevent pollution and promote a circular economy.

It is interesting that these two celebrations coincide this year, as building operations and construction together account for ~40% of the world’s total carbon emissions. At DVM group we are working to reduce this number in the future. With the help of our sustainability consultants, we pay attention to the environmental aspects not only of construction, but also of building operation. Let’s act together for our environment!