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DVM group is a strategic partner of the Proptech Conference

DVM group is a strategic partner of the Proptech Conference

As a strategic partner, we stood by the Proptech Conference again this year.

On 18 May, we had the opportunity to learn about the latest digital news, innovative solutions and big winners in the real estate market. It is rare to see so many international experts in one place, and we learned a lot from their presentations:

Renate Andersen Straume, Dirk Paelinck, Milan Bogar, Imre Porkolab, Milan Janosov, Ph.D., Vlad Costea, László Balogh, Laura Szabo, Tamas Bonis, Mattia Santi, Gergely Kiss, Karl Van Ginderdeuren, Laszlo Patyi, Tamás Giller, Tamas ERCSEY, Gyula Győri, Mark Balastyai, Gábor Zeller, Bálint Botos, CFA, MRICS, Balázs Jávor, Akos Balla, Csenge Karakas, Csaba Pesti, Janos Spanyol, Szabolcs Szilágyi 

GET BACK TODAY REALITY – Summary of the day, a discussion on digitalisation from a corporate perspective

Zoltán Kalmár, Gábor Décsi, Tibor Massányi discussed the nature of digitalisation at the end of the day. They talked about the opportunities for a large company to integrate innovation into its organisation. They shared their experiences so far in implementing innovation and searched for further opportunities in successful digital transformation.

Immediately after the discussion, the first proptech awards ceremony started, where three prizes were awarded. Tibor Massányi presented the Proptech Startup Solution of the Year Award to Zsolt Somogyi from Parkl. This is given to companies that were founded after 2017 and have achieved something outstanding in 2022, whether in innovation, growth or customer acquisition. In addition to him, Csaba Livják of Buildext and Ádám Kurboly of Orthograps also received one-eighth prizes. Congratulations to all three!


The event supported by DOME and DVM group brought the real estate market closer to the world of technology again this year, the rest is up to us.

The conference visual world was created by DVM Visual. In addition to architectural visualisation, they now offer such solutions at short notice and high quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRsvTuNucEs