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Record turnover and stable market rating for DVM group

Record turnover and stable market rating for DVM group

SCOPE Ratings GmbH has completed the annual review of DVM Group Kft. and its bonds “DVM 2030” issued under the MNB’s Growth Bond Programme for the financial year 2022. SCOPE Ratings GmbH has confirmed the “B” corporate rating of DVM Group Kft. with stable prospects and the “B+” rating of the bonds issued.

Tibor Oláh, CFO of DVM group, considers it a great achievement that the company’s record turnover of HUF 31.6 billion was achieved in a market environment where interest rates are far from favourable and the prices of building materials are rising at an accelerating pace. “This high turnover would not have been possible without our continuous efforts to use our resources even more efficiently in this increasingly challenging market.”

He added: “In 2023, we are likely to see a more subdued turnover, so it will be particularly important how we adapt to the circumstances in order to maintain our established position in the design, construction and fit-out markets that are the core of our business.”

In response to the current challenges in the construction industry, DVM group is expanding its service portfolio by entering into developments in areas such as the industrial and logistics sector and the residential property market.