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DVM group’s ArchViz Team Continues as Separate Division

DVM group’s ArchViz Team Continues as Separate Division

Architectural visualization has been an important subset of DVM group’s integrated design offer since 2017. The increasing internal project volume and the international demand for renders, movies, 360° and VR environments, as well as the company’s new affiliation with Studio Alliance all played into DVM group’s recent decision to set up a dedicated ARCHVIZ division.

To deliver state-of-the-art computer-generated imagery on a new scale, DVM ARCHVIZ invested into a new and improved hardware park, while also employing new experts to their team.

Tibor Massányi (managing partner at DVM group) emphasized: “Our ARCHVIZ artists represent the best of both worlds: the ability to provide supreme photorealistic visualizations (identical to those created in London, Paris or Berlin), while attaching a CEE-level price-tag to their top-quality products. When it comes to bringing to life complete buildings or fit-outs, our service line now covers the entire project lifecycle. Our integrated service portfolio expanded to architectural and interior design, architectural visualization, project management, design & build, general construction, and sustainability consultancy. In 2021 we joined international fit-out association Studio Alliance, which gives us additional exposure to the international clientèle we are ready to serve.”

Csanád Meszes – previous team lead and an architect by education – will continue in DVM group’s ArchViz Director position. He summarized his ambitions in the new role. “Architectural visualization offers so much more than just a precise projected future image of a building or interior that is still on the drawing board. From an HR perspective it also helps companies with a smoother transition to their new physical environment and plays an important role in sensitive corporate change management processes. Being able to see their new headquarters and participate in its planning, employees develop a greater sense of belonging that also contributes to their team spirit and loyalty. Decision-making routes also speed up by the creation of a common language, a shared platform between the client, the designer, and the construction company. Our recent references (including the offices of bp, Booking.com, TransferWise, Cushman & Wakefield, Morgan Stanley and OTP, or the complete base building of the Szervita Square project) provided great learnings and findings in all these areas. We wish to make great use of our complex knowledge in the field, and continue to deliver our detail-oriented, elaborate architectural renders, movies and virtual environments to companies and private individuals alike.”