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Ákos Csécsei

Architectural Design Director
Csécsei Ákos_építészeti tervezési igazgató_Arc

Ákos Csécsei, Architectural Design Director, started his career in 2018 as a senior designer. With his professional experience in national and international projects, he leads his projects creatively and precisely.

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2005, and during his studies he was able to spend two semesters as a member of the international team of renowned Spanish architectural firms RCR Arquitectes and Gras Architects, thanks to the Leonardo scholarship programme. He later spent a year in London, where he further deepened his knowledge of contemporary, modern, international architecture. He acquired his architectural design and project management skills in well-known Hungarian architectural firms, during which time he was involved in the design and design support of cultural and community centres, sports facilities, office buildings, hotels and residential buildings. During his more than five years with DVM group, he has been the primary manager of large-scale projects such as the complete renewal of Camp Erzsébet in Zánkai, the construction planning of the Intercity Hotel Budapest, and his current projects include the comprehensive planning of the Monori Center, a large-scale development of the city district, and the company’s first self-developed, designed and built project, the Andor Liget residential complex.

He is a founding member and president of the ÉK Association, a non-profit civil architectural organisation, which has existed since 2006. Its objective is to help raise the standard of Hungarian architectural culture and to develop individual and collective creativity through its activities and services.  The association has won several Erasmus+ Challenge Prizes for its international projects. He is an active member of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects, the Association of Hungarian Architects and a lecturer in urbanism at his former university.