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New workspace strategist at DVM group

New workspace strategist at DVM group

As a workplace strategist, Kata Nett strengthens the DVM Discovery team, who joined us in April to manage our youngest service. She has been trained in a multinational environment and belongs to the first generation of Hungarian experts in the field of workplace design strategy.

Our mini-interview follows:

As you are familiar with the office market and have heard of similar services offered by other companies, where do you place DVM Discovery in the professional coordination system? How is our methodology different, better or worse than the others?

One of the great advantages of DVM is its ability to approach projects with a holistic perspective, which enables it to offer integrated solutions. The designers, project managers, fit-out team, and I will all be working together in the same office. I will not just be a detached consultant providing them with information gathered from workshops with clients but rather will be able to continuously collaborate with the people who will be creating the plans in the later stages of the project. We will jointly develop furnishing versions and concepts through continuous consultations and feedback, ensuring that the ideas will hold up in both the designer’s plans and in reality.

The experience behind them is a significant advantage, as the company has a substantial background in office design and implementation. With numerous office projects under their belt, they possess a vast amount of expertise on the effectiveness of various solutions. They have a wealth of knowledge regarding what solutions work and what do not. In addition, in recent years, the Discovery team has invested a lot of work in researching and developing the intersection of organizational background, office market trends, and the needs of employers and employees. As a result, the service has continuously evolved and responded to growing market demands. More and more clients are approaching them with requests to better understand their employees and better reflect these needs in the office space. The importance of retaining valuable employees is gaining more and more emphasis. Companies suffer greatly from losing valuable employees daily, and this service can offer assistance in preventing this loss. I believe that if a company is already spending a lot of money on a move, renovation, restructuring, or even just recognizing the need for some level of reorganization, it is worth investing a minimal amount of resources to ensure that the transformation genuinely achieves the desired goal. Also the formulation of the proper objective may often require external, impartial assistance.