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Spakli’21 – The challenges of renovating the revived Drechsler Palace

Spakli’21 – The challenges of renovating the revived Drechsler Palace

The beautifully renovated Drechsler Palace opened its doors in July 2023. The latest episode of the Spakli’21 podcast is about the challenges of renovating the palace. 

János Bene presenter’s interviewees: 

  • Péter Haberl, managing partner of DVM Group Kft., the primary manager of the Drechsler Palace construction  
  • Marcell Lukátsi, project manager of the interior design, architectural project manager of DVM Group Ltd., contact person of the British interior designer Bowler James Brindley Studio (BJB);  
  • László Czifrák, qualified silicate restorer artist, expert in historic restoration, managing director of Consall Team Restoration Ltd. 


During the discussion, the following issues were raised, among others:  

  • What was the condition of the building before the renovation?  
  • What were the client’s expectations regarding the renovation and conversion?  
  • How and why did the 4-storey building become 6?  
  • What were the rare engineering achievements?  
  • What were the most memorable difficulties?  
  • How does the need for historic monuments and modern luxury work together?  
  • What are you most proud of about your own work?