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We visited real estate conferences – Tibor Massányi in an expert role

We visited real estate conferences – Tibor Massányi in an expert role

The autumn conference season also brought important events for the real estate sector, which after Covid were finally able to be held in person. In the month of September, two long-running events were held which attracted a great deal of interest and were packed to capacity, with a wide range of guests and participants discussing issues affecting the industry.

On 15 September, the Property Investment Forum 2022 day was held at the Intercontinental Hotel, where invited expert speakers gave their views on the topic in panel discussions. The day-long event covered a wide range of topics from macroeconomic trends, investments, technology innovations, hotel, e-commerce and logistics, development, financing, home office, operations, retail, residential, alternative products, or marketing and digitalisation.

Representing DVM group, Tibor Massanyi, Managing Partner, shared his thoughts on the future of the office market, ongoing and planned developments, renovation and restructuring of existing stock. They tried to analyse scenarios on what the energy crisis means for this segment of the market and outlined forward-looking visions for the office of the future.

According to Tibor Massányi, the current crisis is unlike any previous one. It affects all aspects of life: will bring structural changes that will mean rethinking the costs and core business activities of firms. One possible solution is to build more sustainable offices, of which DVM group is one of the pioneers. The construction of this type of office is now inevitable, allowing operating costs to be significantly reduced and is the primary office choice for prospective tenants.
“I see a much more conscious market taking shape in terms of energy consumption and office use. Overall, I think the office of the future will be different, it is out of necessity that more conscious use and development will emerge.” – stressed Tibor Massanyi.

The Real Estate Beach Conference was also held in front of a large professional audience, with the multi-day conference being enriched by programmes at Lake Balaton and providing an opportunity for informal networking and networking.

The themes of the conference also revolved around the crisis and how to deal with it, who is experiencing change in their own market and what is being done to reduce the negative effects of change? It was agreed that uncertainty has been with us for years and is driving market participants, investors, developers and clients alike, to operate more efficiently and develop business plans.

Tibor Massányi stressed that we will learn from this crisis, just as we did from the 2008 crisis or even from the difficulties caused by the epidemic. The energy crisis is a warning to all of us that we need to take even greater steps towards sustainability. – He concluded.


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