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Our client-focused design team works to create buildings and spaces that meet today’s challenges through innovative solutions. Embedded in the DVM group’s integrated construction services, our staff have gained a wealth of experience in designing architectural spaces that are optimally realisable.

Continuous development has resulted in DVM’s unique service Discovery – workplace strategy. This methodology assists our clients in various organisational transformations, in the design of new office space in case of relocation or in the optimal use of existing office space. In the transformation caused by COVID, the new dynamics of work and the increased share of home working will lead to a revaluation of office space as a community space, where people can meet, inspire each other and think together. Tailored to the core values and needs of our clients, we can create an effective environment for an agile work culture, a key element of employee experience and engagement. Spaces that offer multiple collaborative and focus work activities, combined with carefully selected colours and finishes, can provide an inspiring environment for employees. The process results in spaces that effectively support office processes and connectivity. This creates future-proof and sustainable offices.

In recent years, we have met a number of professional challenges with the help of our colleagues, who make up one of Hungary’s largest teams of designers and interior architects. The DVM group’s initial credo remains valid: quality service and architectural value creation are of paramount importance in our work. For us, every assignment means the same commitment and professionalism. Our work is detail-oriented and we work to high quality standards, both for our colleagues and our subcontractors.

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DVM Visual
Mammut I. Shopping and Entertainment Center

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